Evil cURL|Bash?

Most of us will have seen this installation method, using any kind of commandline download helper outputting the content of a file originating from the internet to STDOUT and then piping it to a shell. Simple example: curl https://cmdline.nl/vim/bootstrap.sh | bash Now, this way of installing anything most probably derived from the fact that your standard Linux package managers are always a couple steps behind cutting edge, and cURL|Bash is just an easy, quick way of getting stuff installed on your machine, VM, remote compute instance, container etc.


Welcome to CMDline.nl - a collection of random posts on open-source related tech. For years i’ve been dragging a memory file with me everywhere, which can be quickly searched for patterns. Very handy if your brain often decides to hold back information on you. Working with the very useful Cobra lib for Golang i learnt that Steve Francia aka. spf13 also created a static site generator called Hugo so i decided to give it a go and perhaps store “bits and pieces” here as an extension of my cognitive brain, always at hand.

Bootstrap Vim

Always fun to hack around and get that Vim setup just right. Thanks to the helpful Vim Bootstrap .vimrc generator it’s no rocket science to get a decent Vim env up and running in no time. However, if you tend to work on various different environments a lot, possibly disposable nodes, there’s still some stuff left to do… installing vim, git, setting some env vars, perhaps customizing some bits compared to the .