Bootstrap Vim

Always fun to hack around and get that Vim setup just right. Thanks to the helpful Vim Bootstrap .vimrc generator it’s no rocket science to get a decent Vim env up and running in no time. However, if you tend to work on various different environments a lot, possibly disposable nodes, there’s still some stuff left to do… installing vim, git, setting some env vars, perhaps customizing some bits compared to the .vimrc generated, and of course, installing all plugins.

To avoid having to do this too often, here’s a small wrapper which handles those last bits as well. The .vimrc was generated at Vim Bootstrap with profiles Python and Golang. Install by just running:

bash <(curl

Should work on CentOS or any Debian-derivative and includes a bunch of plugins like vim-airline, jedi-vim, nerdtree and of course vim-go. Colorscheme is Molokai with some minor changes (background mostly).


Vim bootstrap

By the way, if you’re scared running something that executes code from the above URL, you should be as you may not trust me. However, it’s not all that bad, or is it?